Developing a Passion for the Bible

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Did anyone make my Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie? It’ll make your family super happy! 😉 Anyway, lately I’ve been trying to dig into the Word more often than once a day…to have it be a passion of mine, not just something “I’m suppose to do”, you know? Do you feel the same way? Well, I’ve been reading through Elizabeth George’s book Life Management for Busy Women, and little did I know there would be two chapters on it! Just what I needed! So, today I want to share with you 10 Disciplines for Developing a Passion for God’s Word.

10 Disciplines for Developing a Passion for God's Word

  1. Refuse to miss a day
  2. Pray as you approach God’s Word
  3. Consume God’s Word in various ways
  4. Find a pattern that fits your lifestyle
  5. Be a woman of one book- the Bible
  6. Be accountable
  7. Get up before your family for quiet times
  8. Teach your children, or other young ones around you
  9. Purpose to get up and READ
  10. Aim for more time, each time

This book has been such a blessing to me! I pray all of you spend your first moments quietly with the Lord in His Word.

Hannah Diane
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23 thoughts on “Developing a Passion for the Bible

  1. These are good tips. I had stopped reading the bible on a regular basis because it felt like something I had to do, rather than something I want to do. I am getting back to reading it now, though. I got the She Reads Truth app on my phone, so now I read the passage and devotion each morning while I’m eating breakfast. Accountability is a good tip, too! I have a couple people that I told that I want to take time to read the bible each day, and they are holding me to it.

  2. Hannah, I definitely needed this! I started my blog a few days ago and never realized it would be this much work. It’s been fun, don’t get me wrong, but my Bible reading has been short and unfocused. This was such a great reminder! Thanks!

  3. I so needed this. I’ve been thinking about getting a journaling Bible to help me get into the Word everyday. I find myself highlighting verses that speak to me in that moment and then forgetting later why I highlighted it or how it applied to me then. And My kids love to draw! So that would help me be more intentional with that time.

  4. I think this is a really great list to grow a passion for the Bible. Praying before reading God’s word is so important because it is the Holy Spirit that will flame that passion! Lovely.

  5. I have definitely been there. One way I get passionate is doing it with my friends and attending my church events during the week. I LOVE to worship, but sitting down and reading sometimes is more difficult for me so I am happy I have friends that are there to learn with me and encourage me.

  6. I must confess developing a habit of reading the Bible has always been difficult for me. I’m not sure why. Probably because I lack the patience to listen to God’s “still, small voice” all the time. This is a fault I have been working on throughout the years. Great tips to keep the journey going!

    Thank you for sharing on Hump Day Happenings : )

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