Our Favorite Books for Pond Study

A few weeks ago I shared some of our favorite gardening books. This week, with Exploring Nature with Children, the Nature walk theme was Pond Study. This is one of our favorites, and these books happen to be my boys’ favorite!

So this week, we packed up a few snacks, hit one of our local nature hikes that has a pond, and went exploring nature! We saw so many different things- tadpoles, frogs, water bugs, caterpillars, dragonflies, and squirrels. We had so much fun! My 3yr old was actually the one to spot the two frogs in the water! They were hiding so well!

When we got home, after lunch, we enjoyed cuddling up and reading some of these books together!

Nature Club Ponds and Streams // John Stidworthy

Pond Circle //Betsy Franco

Around the Pond: Who’s Been Here? // Lindsay Barrett George

Over & Under the Pond // Kate Messner

Frogs // Gail Gibbons

Nature Anatomy, pg. 190-195 // Julia Rothman

What are your favorite nature walks? Do you follow Exploring Nature with Children? Would you children like these books?

Until next time,

Hannah Diane

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