Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…again, I’ve not posted weekly. But I really want to change that.

Right now, I am so busy with working on the land, painting our house, and back to training my horse. On top of work, of course.

The story of me and my horse, Ameera, is quite a long one, but I’ll save it for another day. Right now, I’ll just show some of the happenings on the farm lately.

{My stinker, asking me to ride her.}




{The goats love to eat her tail. Not funny. Poor thing has a stub of a tail now!}


{Our pretty barn baby}


{I just had to post this picture of me and my man. Keeping busy at our land!}


Well, that’s a day in pictures. What did you get accomplished this weekend?

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