Fall 2014 Vignette

Happy Tuesday, y’all! The weather here in the South is amazing– chilly mornings, but still warm days. Yesterday while out running, the leaves were crunching under my feet. I love that feeling! Autumn is here! So to celebrate, I decorated the main piece of furniture in my living room. I got this ugly dresser from the thrift store right before we got married. I gave it a new coat of paint and new hardware. I seriously love decorating it for different seasons!

Fall Vignette

A lot of this stuff I already had on hand. The only place I got stuff for this vignette was Walmart and Hobby Lobby. 🙂


This is my favorite part of the dresser! I love these gorgeous pumpkins. The woodstumps mixed with the books and the pop of color of the pumpkins…seriously love it!


That “be thankful” is a pumpkin. Can you tell? Luke thought it was just a chalkboard. Ha! And I love the little sign that says you can find me in the pumpkin patch. So cute!


We got the clock right after we got married- and I adore it. I love the dark mixed with the bright design of the pumpkin!


Here is a shot of the whole dresser.

IMG_8872What do you think? I love the rustic-ness of the woodstumps, plus the vintage feel from the books, mixed with the bright orange of the pumpkins and the signs. I adore this spot in my house!

Hannah Diane
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