Wedding Wednesday // Cakes

Happy Wednesday! I love sharing with you all the little details of our wedding. If you’ve missed other details, you can check out the boots, the gown, and the DIY projects!

Today I want to share with you the cakes. Thanks to Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted my cake to look like…and I got exactly what I wanted! It was perfect.

Wedding Wednesday // Cakes

I wanted it to be very simple, but with some texture to it. I took three pictures to the lady who did my wedding cake, and she definitely made my dream cake!

Wedding Wednesday // Simple  Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake was a bit of an adventure. We didn’t quite know what to do, but one of my good friends came and rescued us. Ha!

I seriously love this picture! Wedding Wednesday //  Cake Cutting

Now, we didn’t know what to do about Luke’s groom’s cake. We hopped from one idea to another one, until this one came to mind. The outside would look just like mine, only chocolate, but the inside…well, the inside would be a surprise.

Wedding Wednesday //  Grooms Cake

While we were cutting the cake, all my poor husband could see was the green part of inside the cake. Little did he know it was camo!

Wedding Wednesday // Grooms Cake Cutting

He loved the camo cake! Wedding Wedneday //  Camo Cake

Did you do anything special for the groom’s cake? What did your dream wedding cake look like?

Hannah Diane

25 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday // Cakes

  1. I love fun groom’s cakes that show off the guy’s personality a little. Weddings in general tend to be bride focused and it’s nice to have something that’s fun for just the guy! =)

  2. I am getting ready to go cake tasting in just a few weeks! I am so excited but have no idea what I want it to look like! Pinterest it is! I also love the idea of a camo cake! That is pretty cool, I may have to steal that idea!

  3. Your cake is beautiful! The topper is a nice touch as well! We decided not to do a groom’s cake, but I love your idea of camo on the inside. How unique!

  4. These are so cute and simple! Love them! We too did a dirty iced 3 tier for the cake. With a little burlap and twine but no topper! My Groom loves fishing so a lady in my church made him a pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing with fishing silhouettes on it!

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