Wedding Wednesday // Flowers

Today for Wedding Wednesday, I want to share with you our flowers in the boutonnieres and bouquets.

Thanks to Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted for all the bridesmaids. Just a simple bunch of baby’s breath. Rustic, vintage and so cute!

Girls' Flowers

As you can tell in the picture above, my bouquet is much more elaborate than the girls’. I wanted a rather large bouquet, but with country flowers you naturally find in the south.  It looked like I could have put my bouquet together at someone’s southern farm house. {swoon}

Bride's Bouquet

Let me just say, it was very heavy for a bunch of flowers. Ha!

Groomsmen boutonnieres

The groomsmen & ushers’ boutonnieres were the same little roses that dotted my bouquet, surrounded by a sprig of a tiny pink flowers.


Luke’s boutonniere was one large lavender rose with baby’s breath around it. I seriously loved his!

Grooms Boutonniere

And last but not least, my throw bouquet was large purpleish/pink roses with baby’s breath. Simple and smaller than my real one. Ha!

Throw Bouquet

For the tossing of the bouquet, my dear friend, Olivia, was hiding in the back. She did not want to catch the bouquet, poor soul. But, I threw that bouquet right over the rest of the girls and straight to her. It was a moment of lots of laughter!!

Catching of the Bouquet

I’m just going to say, without the inspiration of Pinterest, I never would have known what I wanted for flowers. If you are newly engaged, or just thinking about your wedding, make sure you know what you want for your flowers. 🙂

Hannah Diane

11 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday // Flowers

  1. Oh my goodness those flowers are gorgeous! I’m actually getting ready to plan a wedding! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. That top picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love the dresses, the boots, the flowers, but my favorite has to be the tulle (?) under your dress. Beautiful!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the flower choices, especially your bouquet and even the groomsmen’s little roses. The colors were fantastic!! Thanks so much for linking up with us this week.

  4. Your flowers were beautiful! I love the sweet simplicity of baby’s breath for the bridesmaids. I also got my flower inspiration from pinterest 🙂

  5. If pinterest was around when I got married, oh man would I have been in trouble! I did something similar with my flowers. My bridesmaids had blue and white hydrangas and peonies and I had bright pink peonies. I say life is too short to carry boring white flowers b/c you’re the bride!

  6. These are all so pretty. I had hydrangeas in my wedding and loved them. I wish Pinterest had been around when I got married in 2007. It makes me feel old to say I got married before Pinterest, I just got married young. I know my wedding would have been completely different had it been around then.

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