[5 on Friday]

TGIF! Y’all…..I am so thankful for today!

This amazing man’s 24’th birthday is today. We started courting when he was 21. I can’t believe I’ve had 3 years with this man. ❤ Happy birthday, Honey!!

Happy Birthday!

We’re going out for our Valentine’s Day date tonight. We’ll be able to spend the day together tomorrow- so happy!

I am so obsessed with this song right now. It’s the sweetest!

I reread my post on trying your hardest in marriage. Yep. I still stand by it.

Trying Your Hardest

I am super pumped to have our girls’ Valentine’s Tea Party today at my house! Come back next week to see what we did, or just follow along on Instagram!

What are you doing this weekend?
Hannah Diane

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