Wedding Wednesday // Getting Ready

Oh, Wednesday is here again! I so enjoy going through all of our wedding pictures, remembering details to share with you! I just love it!

Today I want to share with you small details of the big day….us girls getting ready!

Bridal Suite

Bride's Hair

My amazing, gorgeous, awesome friend, Brianna, did my hair for me. She did such an amazing job!

Bride' Shoes

My sweet little sis got me those “bride” flip-flops to wear on my big day and honeymoon. Aren’t they cute?!?


My dear friend, Katie, made all my bridesmaids and everyone who helped us get ready these ah-mazing cappuccinos! They were SO good!

Getting Ready

My cousin, Emily, who was my maid of honor, my best friend, Addy, and my sister-in-law, Kelly, getting ready. 🙂


My sweet and gorgeous (and only) little sister was my jr. maid of honor. She was such a big girl at our wedding. I am so thankful we’re not only sisters, but friends! Sarah's Hair

Dress Hair


I loved getting to spend time with all my girls before pictures and the ceremony!


Trying….unsuccessfully….to fix my veil. Finally Addy fixed it for me.


Can I just give a tip to newly engaged ladies and brides-to-be? Make sure your photographer gets these little moments. The special times. The laughs, the tears and the smiles. It’ll be worth it! (If you’re in the Indy area, check out my dear friend and photographer, Audrey!)

Hannah Diane

4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday // Getting Ready

  1. Thank you for sharing your wedding wednesday! I am in the process of planning four wedding 9 months from now and am making wedding wednesday special by blogging our journey through planning! I will definitely be sure to let my photographer know about capturing the small moments too!

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