Why I Love Gardening


I’m a country girl at heart. And practically. But gardening isn’t just for “country people”. I know lots of people who garden in the city. But I seriously love gardening….and here are 4 reasons why I love it!


Quiet in the mornings & evenings-
If you live anywhere….really, um….hot, you’re going to have to water your garden in the early mornings or late evenings when the sun won’t scorch the plants. I love the early mornings and late evenings when it’s cooler, quiet and perfectly peaceful.


The Fresh Air-
Who couldn’t use more time in the fresh air, working in the dirt? Digging, watering, hoeing…it all gives me time to just feel. Plus, it’s great exercise for this baby bump of mine. 🙂


Seeing Things Grow-
Maybe I’m weird. But I love seeing my garden go from a bunch of seeds or seedlings into big, plants, heavy with their harvest. It takes time, work, and energy, but seeing things growing is so wonderful to me. Which brings me to thing #4 I love….


The Harvest-
Who doesn’t like the harvesting part? But, so many people don’t get the benefit of the harvest, because they never put the hard work in. Some days watering the garden, or pulling weeds isn’t fun. But, the harvest is always great and rewarding!


Do you like to garden? Do you have a garden- a flower one or otherwise?

Hannah Diane
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