Dear New Nursing Mom

Dear New Nursing Mom,

Yes, I know it hurts. I hope someone warned you that it would. No one told me that I would be so sore, cracked and bleeding. I had read somewhere that it “shouldn’t hurt if latched correctly”, and let me tell you- that’s a lie. I called my mom in the middle of the night to help me, because it hurt so bad. And he had a perfect latch.

Nursing Mom

But you know what? It’s worth it. And it does get better and heal. I promise. My mom kept telling me that over and over when I complained or it was hurting. Sometimes it takes two or three weeks. Or like me, it can take five or six weeks to feel better and heal. But it will, I promise.


Stick with it if you can. It’s so worth it for you and your baby. You’ll enjoy the sweet time you have just cuddling and talking with your sweet babe. Them looking into your eyes and smiling at you makes you wish time would stand still…even for a minute. I’ve been told I’m going to blink, and he’ll be grown, so I am savoring every minute, every detail of this time right now.

Remember, this is only for a time. A very short season of life. Enjoy the beauty and struggles of each new day with your newborn. ❤

Hannah Diane
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3 thoughts on “Dear New Nursing Mom

  1. Great informative post! I have learned in a very short time that anything worth having comes with some form of pain. Nursing is such a beautiful gift that God has given to us women. Not only do we get to carry these precious little ones in our wombs but also get to feed them for a time! God knows our mama hearts are big! He knows exactly what we need! I look forward to that day, even the pain, though I may eat my words from time to time. But it will be worth it like you said! 💖

  2. Yes, it can be painful with a good latch. I wish people (educators) would stop saying that it shouldn’t be. I remember with my first it was super painful and, like you and your baby, the latch was perfect. I found lanolin to be the best thing ever. I didn’t have pain with #2 or #3 though probably because I was used to nursing and had only had 7 and 5 month breaks between babies.

  3. I spent 5 1/2 years nursing my three who are now 10, 7, and 5. Lots pain for me, constantly fought thrush and low supply, gassy babies—I did it because I knew it was the best, not because it was easy! Now with my oldest having orthodontic issues, come to find out all three of mine have sneaky posterior tongue ties, and two have lip ties as well! All that suffering and years of sleepless mama and babes could have been helped if I had figured that out! Even my lactation consultant and friends didn’t find it.

    If you’re having pain and any other hard symptoms, please check out this great link on how to find tongue and lip ties—-

    Best wishes for a long, happy nursing relationship 🙂

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