DIY Outdoor Spray

Good morning! I hope you all had a lovely weekend….we sure did!

Lots of working outside….but you know what that means, right? Things can happen. Thankfully, not for me! Here’s how….

DIY Outdoor Spray



Surely you all know what I am trying to say here, right? 😉

Try it…it WORKS! Chemical-free, smells great, and seriously….it works!
I only ever use Young Living essential oils…these are the ones I am talking about.

20 drops of Purification oil
5 drops of Lemongrass oil
5 drops of Lavender oil
5 drops of Cedarwood oil
5 drops of Geranium oil
3oz of water
1 oz of witch hazel

Mix it all together in a spray bottle (I use a $1 from the dollar store) and use!

There are tons of different recipes for Outdoor Spray, but this is the one the works the best for me. Are you wondering what else you can use those oils for? I’d love to tell you about them! Check out this page for more info!

Hannah Diane
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