How to Decorate with Woodstumps

    Good morning! Today I want to share with you one of my favorite things to decorate with….wood stumps! These wood stumps of mine are very special. Luke and I had to completely clear our land to be able to move the house onto it. Luke had always wanted to clear his land, since that’s what his granddaddy did. While we were out there cutting trees one day, I decided I wanted some stumps from our land to be in our wedding. And so, like a good fiance, he cut some wood platters for me.

Woodstumps in Decor  | Through The Lens of Hannah Diane    I used the stumps in the reception room, on the food table. We had two stacked high for holding one plate of food, and had two only one high.

    We served an array of doughnuts, doughnut holes, scones and fruit.  Simple, pretty, and everyone loved them.
How to Use Woodstumps in Decor  | Through The Lens of Hannah Diane    In these next two pictures you can see how we had the platters laid out before we put the food on them. Sadly, no one got good pictures once the food was served.
How to Decorate with Woodstumps    Our wedding had a very simple country-vintage feel. Lots of ideas from Pinterest and DIY projects. Ha! Maybe I’ll do a post on that soon…. 😉

How to Decorate with Woodstumps    Once we got back from our honeymoon, I set out to finish decorating the house. I bought an old dresser and had fixed it up before we got married….now I had to decorate it. So I decided to use some of the woodstumps in our decorations. The wood adds such an outdoor-sy feel to the house. And since we both love the outdoors and spend most of our spare time there….it only make sense.

Woodstumps in Decor  | Through The Lens of Hannah Diane    I have never grown Hydrangeas until now. I have always loved them. I had some blue ones in my wedding bouquet. But once we moved our house and I found a plant on clearance at a local nursery, I knew of the perfect place to plant it. And it actually bloomed this year! I was super happy to have fresh hydrangeas outside and inside!
Woodstumps in Decor    And here’s a whole shot of the dresser….you can kind of see the third stump in the left hand corner. I have a book stacked on top of it, with a picture frame on top of both of them. I’m super into layering like that.

Woodstumps in Decor    Have you every decorated with wood? How would you describe your decorating style?
             Hannah Diane

15 thoughts on “How to Decorate with Woodstumps

  1. This idea is gorgeous and so cute! Love it how they were in the wedding and now in your home. What a cool story behind these woodsy treasures. 😀

  2. I love projects that have a lot of meaning to them! And they look beautiful in your home. I would definitely do something like this in mine!

  3. I went to a Christmas party last year, and the host had used them to display his nativity scenes. I fell in love with the idea of them. (I love rustic decor.) I’m still waiting for my hubby to cut me some from the woodpile. Thanks for sharing! (Those donuts sure look delicious!)

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