Creating Your Own Monday

Good morning, y’all! So, you might be thinking right now, “Create Your Own Monday? What in the world is Hannah talking about?”. Or, you might not. Either way, I’m going to share with you something that I’ve been thinking about for the past couple days.

Creating Your Own Monday    People say “don’t miss a Monday” about dieting or your fitness plan. Or people say “I’ll start on Monday” about starting something new. What’s the big deal about Monday? What can’t we start on Wednesday, or Friday, or Saturday? This past Monday, I was half-hearted about getting back to my eating plan. I’ve kept up with my workouts, (I want to intensify them some), but I’ve been working out everyday but Sunday for a while now. But my eating plan has…well…suffered.

Anyway- back to Monday. I woke up and had a healthy breakfast of eggs, sausage and fruit. I skipped the coffee and muffin. I was feeling quite proud. I had grilled chicken and veggies for lunch. Due to some physical issues over the weekend, my husband didn’t want me to workout hard, so I did some stretches and yoga. I was feeling really good now. I had a snack of some fruit when I got hungry after working out. Then….then it happened. I got into autopilot and binged on 2 muffins and 3 handfuls of chocolate chips. That might sound like a lot to you….or a little to you. It doesn’t really matter. Because, for the new me, that’s a lot. I was feeling a bit sick and quite angry at myself. Why, why in the world did I do that? Why did I have to ruin a good day? I picked up the book I had been rereading this weekend, “Made to Crave”. That chapter talked about having someone who you could be totally honest about messing up and giving in to your cravings. Someone who wouldn’t judge but who would give you a swift kick in the behind. Remind you that you were made for more than this cycle of giving into cravings and then hating yourself. God made you for more. And He wants to fill your cravings.

A dear, dear friend of mine from many states away came to mind. I sent her a quick text asking her for a favor. Then instantly regretted it. Did I really want to change my eating habits? Did I really want someone to know when I messed up and failed? She didn’t give me a chance to back out. She told me to call right away. When I explained the situation to her, she told me she would be my accountability. Part of me was excited, and part of me dreaded it. And part of me wanted to say “I’m gonna start next Monday. I already ruined this week,”. But I didn’t. I didn’t even ruin Monday. I messed up, but God shows grace. And I need to show myself grace.

Tuesday morning rolls around and I am determined to do better. For myself, for God, and for Bonnie. (Ok, and my husband, who is a great encourager.) And I have a good day. Completely good day. But, one of the things that kept me going was the text I got from this amazing lady. It said: “Good morning, girly! Just wanted to encourage you to strive towards your goal today…it will be hard, but worth it!”. Isn’t that such an encouragement? Strive toward my goal today. It will be hard, but worth it. I need to take each craving, each struggle, day by day, but keep the big picture- the healthier me- in view.

It’s not a fun thing to think about, but gluttony is a sin. Doing, or eating or drinking, anything in excess is a sin. And it shows we are depending on that something more than God. The book that has really helped me in this journey (besides the Bible) is “Made to Crave” by Lysa TerKeurst. It helps you walk through cravings and how the Lord really does care about this part of your life. I would suggest this book to anyone interested in kicking cravings for good, or wanting to be healthier. 🙂

Hannah Diane

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