Favorite Diffuser Blends

Who enjoyed their weekend? I had a super fun but busy one. Today I want to share with y’all some of my favorite diffuser combinations.


R.C. and Oregano- perfect, perfect for sick nights. It works wonders! Feeling congested? Try these.


Purification and Citrus Fresh- give your house a clean and fresh scent; without all of the chemicals! It’s such a refreshing smell!


Peppermint and Orange- amazing! Seriously, this smell gives me tingles, it makes me SO happy!


Thieves & Cedarwood- These are great if you’re feeling sick. You’ll get so many zzzzz’s by diffusing this while sleeping.


Lime and Thieves- this is my new favorite!!! I had some old Thieves in my diffuser and just added some Lime. This is SO refreshing and amazing. I have this diffusing almost every day!

What’s your favorite diffuser combo?

Hannah Diane

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