15 Minute Workout

          Happy Wednesday, everyone! My post yesterday on my DIY Wedding was a HUGE hit! Thank you for all the views and shares! 🙂 Anyway….moving on to today’s post. I want to share with y’all my favorite 15 minute workout. I came up with this when I was short on time and really wanted to get a good ab and arm exercise. Each round takes about 5 minutes, so you could make it as long or as short as you want it.

15 Minute Workout

            Obviously, you can make it easier or harder depending on the amount of weight you hold. Start small and built up to heavier weights! I hold 8lbs in each hand, but anything will be great. Also, if balancing your back on the stability ball with your feet on the ground is too difficult for you- just do all of this on the ground! Again, work up to balancing! 🙂

             What’s your favorite quick workout? How is your week going?


          Hannah Diane

6 thoughts on “15 Minute Workout

  1. After reading this, you inspired me to go to my quick weight routine which was very similar to this except no ball!

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