Perfect Oils for a Wedding

Getting stressed about the wedding? Worried about getting sick? Just generally panic-y? Planning your wedding is a wonderful, fun time, but it’s also a crazy and stressful time. Today I want to share with you some oils that helped me leading up to the wedding, and during the wedding. 🙂

The Perfect Oils for a Wedding

Tranquil, Peace & Calming and Grounding- what do the names sound like? Well, that’s what they’re for! Ha. Peace and Calming has such a sweet smell and is so calming. Tranquil was so helpful for stressful situations, and Grounding helped keep me level headed and remembering it’s the marriage after the wedding that’s really important. 🙂

Release- At one point or another someone, whether it be someone in your family, bridal party, or future family, is going to be to have something negative to say (or do!). Putting this oil on, taking a deep breath, and asking the Lord for strength and forgiveness can help turn a situation around.

Valor- this oil was perfect for the wedding day! Everyone- mother of the bride, mother of the groom, my bridesmaids, me {the bride!}, and my groom all put this oil on our wrists to help keep our emotions in check, keep us calm and give us courage. Ha!

Thieves- okay, so who wants to get sick the week of the wedding- or the day of? Um, no one. My husband and I both used Thieves religiously the weeks leading up to our wedding and during our honeymoon. Nothing’s worse than getting sick on your honeymoon. We’re SO thankful for this oil!

Oils for a Wedding

Have you ever used oils for stressful situations? You can learn more about Young Living’s oils HERE, or you can order them HERE. 🙂

Hannah Diane
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4 thoughts on “Perfect Oils for a Wedding

  1. Great post! We broke out oils this past Saturday when we were getting ready for my best friends wedding. Seemed like we all needed them for different reasons!

  2. Love oils, great post. 🙂 Luckily I was healthy as a horse for our honeymoon, but I have a few friends that got sick on theirs, like REALLY sick, so preparing ahead of time with some On Guard (doTERRA) or Thieves (Young Living) is a great idea!

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