28 Week {Pregnancy Update}

I can’t believe I haven’t given y’all an update since 17 weeks! I am offically in my third triemester, I am so excited! It’s crazy to think our Caleb is going to be here within 3 months!

28 Week Update

The past week….

I’ve been craving- grilled cheese sandwiches & chocolate milkshakes  

I’ve gained- a total of~16lbs this whole pregnancy, so far

I’m feeling- Hungry…all the time. I can’t eat a lot in one sitting, but man! I’m hungry within the hour. And I am SO tired.  

I’m looking forward to- getting our room addition underway. I’m starting to get {a little} nervous about it all getting done in time. 

I’m wearing- while going out- maternity clothes or a maternity top and a maxi skirt. At home, a size up in workout shorts and a size medium tee. I am pretty happy I can still fit into “normal” clothes in my third trimester! ha! 

Favorite snack this week- Turkey and pepperjack cheese. Any kind of fruit- but loving pinapple. 

Hannah Diane
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7 thoughts on “28 Week {Pregnancy Update}

  1. Mmm, a milkshake sounds good right about now! Pineapple has been a fave of mine this whole pregnancy too. And workout shorts + an oversized tshirt are pretty much my go to outfit at this stage 😉 You look great! Getting so close!

  2. Congrats! I was craving chocolate milkshakes and pineapples in my first trimester. I’m a week away from the 3rd trimester and still loving pineapples.

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