32 Weeks {Pregnancy Update}

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! The past four weeks (since my last update), I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama plan about 90-95%. I feel SO much better. Plus, all my swelling is gone and I’m fitting back into my small maternity tops!  Yay! Lol.

32 Weeks

The past week….

I’ve been craving- THM’s Tomato Soup and grilled Pepperjack Cheese sandwhiches….my favorite lunch right now! 

I’ve gained- a total of ~16lbs this whole pregnancy, so far. I haven’t gained any weight the past four weeks, but my stomach has grown tons! I am sure this is thanks to the THM plan. 

I’m feeling- very, very tired. I have to get up all the time during the night to pee, so I don’t get good sleep. {sigh} 

I’m looking forward to- the baby shower for C coming up this month. And hopefully making a lot of progress on the addition to the house!

I’m wearing- pretty much maternity clothes. If I’m home….pants are optional. Lol. It is SO hot here in the South! But, I have a good tank-top tan. 🙂

Favorite snack this week- peanut butter and a granny smith or lunch meat and cheese. Depending on if I feel like I need fats or carbs. 

Hannah Diane
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10 thoughts on “32 Weeks {Pregnancy Update}

  1. I remember those days – they were LONG and full of anticipation! Now that my little one is one and a half, I am just thankful that each one of those days brought me one step closer to being her mama!

  2. Less than two months! So exciting! Now that I’m postpartum, I really wish I would’ve followed a healthier diet. I’ve got so much to lose now and it probably would’ve made the last month more comfortable, so great job sticking with the THM plan! It definitely pays off in the end.

  3. Yes, all hail the inventor of peanut butter!! Goes good with everything, especially when you’re pregnant! 🙂 And 16 pounds of weight gain?! That is incredible! We are so close to being done, and I can’t wait for you to meet your little man!!

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