Organizing Your THM Book and Notebook

As I mentioned  last Tuesday, I am loving the Trim Healthy Mama plan. And later on I want to share with you why I love it, but today I am going to just share with you how I organized my book and created a binder for all my favorite recipes from the book and online THM geniuses.

THM Binder and Organizing

This amazing book is a really big book. And it is full of useful information, recipes and even excercises. So, how in the world are you going to flip to a certain section quickly? Well, you can…if you have your book organized and tabbed.

THM Book

The different sections I have tabbed are: “(S)atisfying Explained”, “(E)nergizing Explained”, Breakfasts, Breads, Lunch, Supper, Dessert, Snacks and Veggies so I can find certain recipes quickly and easily. Or, if I want to find a new breakfast idea, I know where to go. 🙂

THM Binder Organizer

Then, for my notebook- I bought a pretty one for about $5 from Walmart and just wrote THM on the front with a sharpie.  Of course, you don’t have to do that….I’m just weird. Anyway, I got page dividers that came with a “table of contents” page for the front. So I made different sections: breakfast, lunch, supper, tips, snacks, breads, desserts, meal plans, drinks and my favorite THM bloggers/websites for future recipes.

THM Recipes

Then, in each section, I fill them up. 🙂 Sometimes I print off recipes from blogs/websites, then hand write other recipes onto that page, or if I came up with it, am copying it from the book, or tweaking a family recipe- I write it onto lined paper. I put those pages in page protectors, because, as you see in the photo above, I tend to spill things on paper and ruin it if it’s not protected….ahem.

Do you do the THM plan? How do you keep your recipes organized and protected?

Hannah Diane
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9 thoughts on “Organizing Your THM Book and Notebook

  1. Hannah, I look forward to following your journey, as I’m needing some inspiration to drop 25 lbs, and I just currently don’t have it! I’ve heard of this program before, but may need a refresher, so I’ll look back through your posts. I wish you the best with your health-related goals!

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