Favorite Pregnancy Books {part 2}

A couple of months ago I shared some of my favorite pregnancy books…..and today I am back with a few more awesome books to share with you. I’ve read a lot more than just these four pregnancy books since I wrote the last post, but I only want to share with you the best of the best when it comes to pregnancy (and breastfeeding!) books!

Pregnancy Books

The Birth Partner- this book is geared toward dads, doulas and midwives, but I learned a great deal by reading through it. After I read it, Luke took it and is slowly making his way through it. He’s going to be the only one (besides my midwives) present at the birth, so we both want him to be prepared to help and be apart of the process. 🙂

Pushed- wow. Just….wow. This is such a moving and eye opening book. Go out and get you a copy NOW! It goes through the changes that our modern medical system has gone through. As the review on the front of the book says- “Extraordinarily readable….No woman who is pregnant, has been pregnant, or plans to be pregnant should set foot inside the office of her OB/GYN before reading this.” (Woman’s Review of Books)

The Breastfeeding Book- this is written by a MD and his RN wife. It has so much medical information, along with what they learn through all of their personal breastfeeding experience.

Gentle Birth Choices (& DVD)- this was such a good read and a moving DVD. It shares the changes our country has had in the medical field and shows the sucess other country are having by using midwives and birthing in water. The DVD was SO powerful and tear-jerking. It’s a must read and watch!

What has been, or is, your favorite pregnancy, labor or postpartum book?

Hannah Diane
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