Three years later…

Previously, I was Through the Lens, which I started 7 years ago as a 19 year old before I married my husband. In those years I’m now a wife, and homeschool mama of THREE. It was a time for some change. Say hello to our Wild + Free Homestead. ❤

It’s been quiet here in my corner of the internet. It’s been a while. 3 years, actually.

So very much has happened since then. My precious then 2 year old & newborn are now 5 and 3. We also welcomed boy #3 to our family a year ago…that was a big something! We also have added a huge flock of fowl (200+), 18 more acres, more dogs, cats & kittens, plus recently added a herd of cattle that don’t live on our property yet. Luke is looking into doing sheep….and like my family likes to joke, what’s next? Maybe ostriches, peacocks or mules. Ha!

Homeschool is really starting up. We graduated C from kindergarten so this coming school year I’ll have a First Grader, one in Pre-K and a toddler. Fun times! Morning basket, tea times and lots of nature study is our thing. Hello, Charlotte Mason education!

We had our first move of our marriage, which was bittersweet. It was SO needed for the space & health of our family (mold is NO fun) but moving with kids during graduations, plus your sister getting married, adds a level of stress to life! We are so blessed to have more space, a real screened in front porch, and once Luke finishes the utility room, I’ll have a school nook for all our supplies!

Last December I got off of Instagram for good. Deleted my account and wiped it from my life. It was SO FREEING. I’ll share more about that later, but this blog will probably take the place of getting some thoughts down and memories recorded for me. ❤

So, what can you expect from this space, Wild + Free Homestead? Snippets of our life. Mainly home education thoughts, homemaking tips & routines, recipes, and adventures of our homestead.

So glad you’re here friend. Won’t you look around and stay a while?

Hannah Diane

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